2024 festival

At the University of Mississippi, April 4-6, 2024

this year's program

Learn what's in store (and who's featured) this time at the University of Mississippi


Recording of 2023 Keynote Speaker Margaret Renkl

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Member Schools

University of North Georgia (UNG)

Dahlonega, GA

Undergraduate Enrollment:

Available Undergraduate Programs in English:
English with Literature Concentration
English with Writing and Publication Concentration

English Department Faculty:
Dr. Ian Afflerbach, Assistant Professor of American Literature

Justin Barbaree, Lecturer
David Brauer, Associate Professor
Steven Brehe, Associate Professor
Tara Causey, Lecturer
Brian Corrigan, Professor
Dr. Micah Corum, Assistant Professor
Christopher Curran, Lecturer
Marc DiMaggio, Senior Lecturer
Lisa Diehl, Senior Lecturer
Rene Fleischbein, Limited Term Faculty
Lyn Froehlich, Senior Lecturer
Dr. Donna Gessell, Interim Department Head
Dr.Laura Getty, Professor
Christina Green, Lecturer
Elizabeth Hetzel, Limited Term Faculty
Haley Hodges, Lecturer
Jeremiah Johnson, Lecturer
Dr. Wendy Kurant, Associate Department Head
Dr. Mina Kyounghye Kwon, Associate Professor
James McEver, Senior Lecturer
Dr. Austin Riede, Professor
Dr. Michael Rifenburg, Associate Professor
Kimberly Rousseau, Lecturer
Kendra Sanderson, Lecturer
Kathleen Snow, Lecturer
James Stewart, Lecturer
Nathan Wagner, Lecturer