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At the University of Mississippi, April 4-6, 2024

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Member Schools

University of Arkansas - Fort Smith (UAFS)

Fort Smith, AR

Undergraduate Enrollment:

Available Undergraduate Programs in English:
Media Communication
Rhetoric & Writing

English Department Faculty:
Charmaine Beleele, Adjunct Instructor

Dr. Erik Carlson, Associate Professor, Faculty Senate Chair
Jo Carson, Adjunct Instructor
Rod Carveth, Adjunct Instructor
Dr. Janine Chitty, Director of English with Teacher Licensure, Associate Professor
Stacey DuVaul, Instructor
Steven Gattis, Adjunct Instructor
Dr. Christian Anton Gerard, Associate Professor
Dr. Brandon Goldsmith, Visiting Instructor
Dr. Joe Hardin, Professor
Dr. Kelly Jennings, Professor
Dr. Kevin Jones, Professor
Macy Jones, Adjunct Instructor
Mitzi Jones, Assistant Professor
Dr. Lindsy Lawrence, Department Chair, Professor
Erin Lawson-Virtue, Adjunct Instructor
Dr. Ann-Gee Lee, Professor
Dr. Monica Luebke, Professor, Director of Writing
Dr. Mary Lutze, Writing Center Director, Assistant Professor
Kimberly Robinson, Professor
Dr. Amanda Schafer, Adjunct Instructor
Dr. Dennis Siler, Professor
Dr. Susan Simkowski, Adjunct Instructor
Nicki Reamer Stancil, Assistant Professor
Jennifer Stewart, Adjunct Instructor
Dr. Bret Strauch, Associate Professor
Dusan Stojanovic, Adjunct Instructor
Dr. Cammie Sublette, Professor
Carolyn Thompson, Senior Instructor
Jeffery Warndof, Clinical Instructor - Writing Center
Dr. Terri Wells, Assistant Professor
Dr. Carol Westcamp-Sessums, Professor
Dr. Sarah Winterberg, Assistant Professor
Dr. Laura Witherington, Associate Professor