2024 festival

At the University of Mississippi, April 4-6, 2024

this year's program

Learn what's in store (and who's featured) this time at the University of Mississippi


Recording of 2023 Keynote Speaker Margaret Renkl

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Member Schools

Harding University (HU)

Searcy, AR

Undergraduate Enrollment:

Available Undergraduate Programs in English:
English (ENG) // English with Teacher Licensure (ENGC) // English and Business Communication Major (ENBC) // English Major with an Embedded Foreign Language Minor (ENGL)

English Department Faculty:
Dr. Jon Singleton, Department Chair

Paulette Guerin Bane, Professor
Dr. Nick Boone, Professor
Dr. Heath Carpenter, Professor
Dr. Michael Claxton, Professor
Dr. Kathy Dillion, Professor
Dr. Terry Engel, Professor
Dr. Larry Hunt, Professor
Dr. Russell L. Keck, Professor
Dr. Greg Laing, Professor
Dr. Darlene Stewart, Professor
Dr. Amy Qualls, Professor