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Our Board
Southern Literary Festival Cochairs Christian Anton Gerard and Jennifer Wachtel Kates
Board Co-Chairs Christian Anton Gerard and Jennifer Wachtel Kates

AY 2022–2023

Co-Executive Directors:
Christian Anton Gerard (UASF)
Jennifer Wachtel Kates (MTSU)

Jennifer Wachtel Kates (MTSU)

Vice President:
Beth Spencer (Ole Miss)

Past President:
Brandy Wilson (MUW)

Chris Hill (UTM)

Chris Hill (UTM)

Blue Mountain University Liaison:
Connor Fisher (BMC)

PR Officer:
Maia Elgin Wegmann (DSU)

Grants and Funding Officer:
Karen Golightly (CBU)

Members at Large:
Ezekiel Black (UNG)
Erin Hoover (TTU)
Nancy Kerns (BMC)
Theodore Pelton (TTU)

About Board Terms:
The offices of President and VP change according to who is hosting each year. Any other changes take place at our annual meeting at the Festival event in April.