2024 festival

At the University of Mississippi, April 4-6, 2024

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Learn what's in store (and who's featured) this time at the University of Mississippi


Recording of 2023 Keynote Speaker Margaret Renkl

Mission, Values, Vision & Purpose

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Mission, Values, Vision & Purpose
The Southern Literary Festival Mission Value Purpose


Our mission is to create and foster a community of Southern writers and writing programs for undergraduates. We nurture undergraduate writers and usher them into professional life as artists. We connect undergraduate and established writers at our annual Festival. We celebrate the evolving tradition of Southern writing.


We value the talent and potential of undergraduate writers, we recognize the necessity of community to the growth of all writers, and we believe in the importance of Southern writing to culture and identity.


Our vision is to provide educational resources for the writing community, to foster the dynamic nature of Southern writing, and to become an essential experience in the development of young Southern writers.


The purpose of the Southern Literary Festival Association is:

1. to discover and to develop literary talents and interest among students in the colleges and universities of this Association;

2. to formulate plans whereby literary achievements may be induced and recognized and to award prizes to students;

3. to devise plans for instituting and conducting annual contests in the colleges and universities of this Association; and

4. to arrange an annual session in which addresses and discussions by eminent authors may be heard and open forums of literary ideas and methods may be conducted.