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At the University of Mississippi, April 4-6, 2024

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Member Schools

Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU)

Murfreesboro, TN

Undergraduate Enrollment:

Available Undergraduate Programs in English:

English Department Faculty:
Dr. Stephen E. Severn, Chair

Dr. Mohammed Albakry, Professor
Dr. Fred Arroyo, Assistant Professor
Dr. Maria K. Bachman, Professor
Dr. Claudia Barnett, Professor
Dr. Poushali Bhadury, Assistant Professor
Dr. Aleka Akoyunoglou, Professor
Dr. Will Brantley, Professor
Dr. Gaylord Brewer, Professor
Matt Brown, Lecturer
Matt Burleson, Lecturer
Dr. Ellen R. Donovan, Professor
Dr. Kevin Joseph Donovan, Professor
Dr. Laura Jo Dubek, Professor
Amy Fant, Lecturer
Dr. Patricia Gaitely, Professor
Dr. James Hamby, Associate Director, UWC
Dr. Elyce Rae Helford, Professor
LeAnne Garner Hennessy, Lecturer
Dr. Allen Hibbard, Professor
Dr. Martha P. Hixon, Professor
Dr. Marion Doreen Hollings, Professor
Dr. Robert Holtzclaw, Professor
Dr. Mark Allan Jackson, Professor
Dr. Jennifer Wachtel Kates, Master Instructor
Dr. Ronald Kates, Professor
Alvin Knox, Lecturer
Dr. Justyna Kostkowska, Professor
Robert Lawrence, Lecturer
Dr. Jid Lee, Associate Professor
Dr. William Levine, Professor
Dr. Alfred Lutz, Professor
Alyson Muenzer Lynn, Lecturer
Dr. Randy Mackin, Lecturer
Dr. Jennifer Marchant, Associate Professor
Lori McClure-Wade, Lecturer
Dr. Pete McCluskey, Associate Professor
Dr. Rhonda L. McDaniel, Professor
Adam McInturff, Senior Instructor
Dr. Joe Mitchell, Lecturer
Dr. Julie A. Myatt, Professor
Dr. Michael J. Neth, Professor
Dr. Carl Ostrowski, Professor
Dr. Sheila Otto, Associate Professor
Dr. Kate Lisbeth Pantelides, Associate Professor
Dr. Philip Edward Phillips, Professor
Ryan E. Reed, Lecturer
Dr. Alicia Mischa Renfroe, Professor
Aaron Shapiro, Lecturer
Dr. Ted Sherman, Professor
Mr. Jason Sublette, Lecturer
Dr. Kathleen Therrien, Professor
Dr. Warren Tormey, Master Instructor
Thomas Tyner, Lecturer
Dr. Christopher Weedman,
Assistant Professor
Dr. Laura White, Professor
Amie Whittemore, Lecturer
Jennifer Wilson, Lecturer