2024 festival

At the University of Mississippi, April 4-6, 2024

this year's program

Learn what's in store (and who's featured) this time at the University of Mississippi


Recording of 2023 Keynote Speaker Margaret Renkl

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Member Schools

Tennessee State University (TSU)

Nashville, TN

Undergraduate Enrollment:

Available Undergraduate Programs in English:

English Department Faculty:
Dr. Michelle J. Pinkard, Chair

Dr. Jill E. Anderson, Associate Professor
Prof. Rebecca Bornac, Instructor
Dr. Charles Bowie, Associate Professor
Dr. Rebecca Dixon, Professor
Prof. Victoria Doner, Instructor
Dr. Chris Field, Associate Professor
Dr. Shane Gomes, Assistant Professor
Dr. Phillip Grayson, Assistant Professor
Prof. Jessica Hanson, Instructor
Dr. Jennifer Hayes, Associate Professor
Dr. Shannon Hayes, Assistant Professor
Dr. Wendy Hennequin, Professor
Dr. Francesco Masala, Assistant Professor
Dr. Marc Mazzone, Associate Professor
Dr. Samantha A. Morgan-Curtis, Associate Professor
Dr. Katrina Newsom, Assistant Professor
Dr. Megan O'Neil, Assistant Professor
Dr. Femi Oyebade, Assistant Professor
Dr. Roxane Pajoul, Assistant Professor
Dr. Zeba Shahbaaz, Assistant Professor
Dr. Philip M. Shafer, Associate Professor
Prof. Alana Thompson, Instructor
Dr. Kiera Vargas, Instructor
Dr. Justin G. Whitney, Assistant Professor
Dr. Heidi M. Williams, Associate Professor
Prof. Marsha Elaine Williams,Instructor
Dr. Michelle Wise, Associate Professor