2024 festival

At the University of Mississippi, April 4-6, 2024

Contest Results

See the winners of our 2023 Undergraduate Writing Contest


Recording of 2023 Keynote Speaker Margaret Renkl

FEstival Schedule

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2023 Bookfair

APRIL 21-22

MTSU Keathley University Center

Institutional member schools

Included in membership dues is one Bookfair table where schools can share information, promotional materials, and sell books/journals.

Presenter signing tables

Festival presenters may reserve one table each to sell and sign book copies, gratis for service.

slf writers tables

SLF affiliated writers (past presenters, member school faculty, students, or alumni) may reserve 1 table each to sign and sell book copies in exchange for a percentage of Festival sales.

slf Sponsor tables

Festival Sponsors may reserve table(s) commensurate with sponsorship level for sharing information and selling books and promotional products

Community Partner tables

For $100, Community Partners, including schools that are not current members, organizations, businesses, or individuals may reserve one table each to share information, promotional materials, or to sell books and related products.